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Foundations of Intimacy, Connection, and touch

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Sheryl and Thomas are back to give another workshop on March 14th 10:00 -4:30pm, Saturday!  Working with heart connection and clear boundaries, they will guide you through a day of heart-opening experiences.


Open-house Yoga I am that

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Come join Yoga I am that studio for free Yoga classes, demonstrations, talks, live music and prizes.  Make a donation or just come by and check us out.
Workshops by Tanya Nadeau(Yoga), Katelyn Mudry(Naturopathic Dr.) , Jessica Neidermayer (Pilates) and more...
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Buddhism Sutta


Ramana Maharshi


Grace is always present.  You imagine it as something high in the sky, something far away , something that has to descend.  It is really inside you, inside your heart.  When your mind rests in it'ssource, grace rushes forth, sprouting as within a spring within you.  "Ramana Maharshi"